CrossCultural Competence certification @ Киев, Kyiv [с 27 по 29 марта]

CrossCultural Competence certification

27 - 29
09:00 - 19:00

The Certification will be held in Kyiv on March 2017 by CROSSCULTURE ACADEMY (Germany)

In global world crosscultural pecularities more and more impact business interaction. International companies are permanently increasing foreign clients and hiring multinational teams. HR departments help employees to deal with such clients and solve cross-cultural issues.
There exist 3 stages of cross-cultural competence development:
1. Obtaining knowledge from different sources, either open or paid, but mainly abstract: books, articles, cross culture general tools, movies, etc. This might be completed by employees themselves.
2. Getting awareness of personal intercultural interactions based on own cultural strengths and potential threats in dealing with other cultures. This level completion should be supported by specifically trained people.
3. Deeply understanding of country specifics… Trainings, seminars and coaching should be conducted by trained country experts only who has experience in both cultures.
Internal employees can be trained to become experts in the stage 2 thus they can prepare employees to a more effective cross cultural interaction.
To support HR (or other business units’) employees effectively in successfully working with cross-cultural clients they should deeply understand intercultural peculiarities.

— HR empoyees, business partners,
— trainers, consultants,
— managers,
— everyone who woud like to get a 2020 top competence

— After Certification the participants are aware of central communication aspects in the intercultural context.
— They are qualified for collaboration with international clients and business partners.
— They know methods and exercises in order to communicate intercultural knowledge.

— Johannes Klemeyer, co-founder of Crossculture Academy (Germany) — leading European provider of crosscultural comteneces trainings, the first and only one in Ukraine
— Viktoriya Kravchenko, partner of Crossculture Academy (Germany) and Siegel HR International (Switzerland) in Ukraine & CIS, certified trainer.

What is included into the Certification:
— A 3-day training
— European certificate
— Pre-training web based module “General awareness”
— A 6-month access to Cross Culture Academy website materials
— Expert support via online hotline,

Dates of training: March, 27-29

Place of training: Ukraine

Language of training: English

Commercial terms: ask contact person for prices.

Contact in Ukraine:
Viktoriya Kravchenko, [email protected],
Cell phone +38 093 168 5675
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