CPO & FPOS SIA Approved+Shooting training @ Artan Training Center, Kyiv [20 марта]

CPO & FPOS SIA Approved+Shooting training

09:00 - 09:01

 Страница мероприятия
Artan Training Center
35 A Mashinostroitelnaya Street, Киев, 03680
Certificates in Close Protection Operations Pearson BTEC Level 3 & Pearson First Person On Scene BTEC Level 4 ( CPO & FPOS SIA Approved) from Mercurcy Associates UK Ltd

Advanced Firearms Training from ARTAN TRAINING CENTER
20th March to 09th of April 2017
Place: Artan Training Center, Kiev, Ukraine
Price: 1940 € (transportation from/to airport, accomodation and meals included)

Our instructors deliver the Pearson Close Protection Operations BTEC Level 3 (CPO) & the Pearson First Person On Scene BTEC Level 4 (FPOS) course (SIA Approved).

This Close Protection and First Responder course provides a comprehensive package of skills, delivered in a diverse range of environments and in a number of fast moving, challenging and realistic scenarios. You will learn a wide range of skills including threat assessments, surveillance, team work, self-defence, vehicle techniques, IED Search & Recon, Communications, Anti-kidnapping, Stalkers and Paparazzi realistic training scenarios.

This intensive and demanding course allows you to access the skills and expertise we have acquired from decades of operational experience in UK,Ukraine and European Special Forces, police units and the intelligence services.

Topic Close Protection
History, Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative
Threat and Risk Assessment
Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
Operational Planning
Law and Legislation
Interpersonal Skills
Etiquette and Protocol
How to dress correctly for CPO Work
Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing
Event Route – Sellection and Reconnaissance
Close Protection Foot Drills
Close Protection Vehicle Drills
Enbus / Debus Drills (Ortodox & Unortodox)
Route Selection
Route Planning and Survey
Close Protection Journey Management
Search Procedures
Incident Management
Venue Security
Team Leader
Advance Party & Counter-Surveillance Team
Residence Security Team (Home, Office and Leisure)
Electronic Listening and Tracking Devices – Search in Cars, Office and Home
Tactical Shooting Drills

Topic First Person on Scene
The Pre Hospital Environment:
The role of FPOS
Scene safety
Minimizing infection risk
Post-incident procedures
Scene management
Patient assessment
Communication with patients
Primary survey and assessment
Safe moving and handling
Circulation and shock

Respiration and Airway Management:

Recognition of respiratory problems
Common breathing difficulties
Basic airway management
Causes of blocked airway
Opening and maintaining an airway
Use of suction
Removal of crash helmets
Use of oro-pharyngeal airways
Oxygen supplementation
Perform basic life support
Recovery position
Basic life support (infant and child)


Automated external de-fibrillation
Normal / abnormal rhythms
Medical related emergencies
Heart attack/angina
Unconscious patient

Topic Shooting Training
Safe handling of weapons
Fundamentals and shooting
Characteristics and maintenance of the handgun
Handgun shooting positions
Recoil management
Reloads (administrative, speed & tactical)
Multiple shots
Multiple targets
Shooting on the move
Tactical use of cover
Care Under Fire
Tactical Field Care
Tactical Evacuation Care


Handgun: Glock 17 — 9x19, FORT-12P — 9x18, PM (Makarov) — 9x18
Carbine: M4A1 — 5.56x45, AK-47 (Kalashnikov rifle) — 7.62x39, SVD (Dragunov) — 7.62x54
Shotgun: Hatsan ESCORT, Fabarm STF
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