Private Military Contractor @ Artan Training Center, Kyiv [с 16 по 23 января]

Private Military Contractor

16 - 23
10:00 - 18:00

 Страница мероприятия
Artan Training Center
35 A Mashinostroitelnaya Street, Киев, 03680
Tactical Shooting
— safe handling, trigger control, tactical reloading, malfunctions clearing, derivate weapon position
— aiming at distances short, medium range, firing stances
— demonstration of a shotgun capabilities
— CQB defensive/ offensive tactics for open and closed spaces (Room mopping-up/ Building protection)
— Night shooting, use of aiming light
— Breaching

Sniper/ Designated Sniper
— theory of sniper
— weapon of choice familiarization (SVD Dragunov rifle)
— range estimation, wind, temperature, target detection
— sniper sight reticle familiarization/ use (SVD sight)
— aiming/ firing positions (breathing, stances, trigger control, aiming tripod, support of rifle)
— position for Marksman
— engagement of multiple targets
— cover and concealment
— ghillie Suit/ camouflage
Basic foundations of a field-engineer affair (mine clearing)
— types of explosives
— types of explosive device
— methods of revealing explosive device
— theoretical concepts about the neutralization methods of explosives
Convoy escort
— convoy procedures, organization, measures of defense
— route selection/ avoidance of ambush site
— immediate reaction procedures for moving vehicles/ out of vehicles (convoy stopped)
— firing from moving vehicles
— counter ambush/ counter attack actions
— antitank weapons theory and countermeasures

Handgun: FORT-12 — 9x18, PM (Makarov) — 9x18

Carbine: M4A1 — 5.56x45, AK-47 (Kalashnikov rifle) — 7.62x39, H&K G3A4 — 7.62x51

Shotgun: Hatsan ESCORT, Fabarm STF

Sniper rifle: SVD (Dragunov rifle) — 7,62x54

YOU SHOULD HAVE: casual wear, tactical clothing or camouflage, tactical shoes, sturdy belt, gloves, clothes for long stay in the country, sleeping bag.
We have discount for groups.

— transfer from Boryspil airport in Kiev on the base of the Centre and to the airport Boryspil at the end of the course;
— nutrition (3time per day);
— transfer to the shooting range or firing ground;
— certificate;
— corporative gifts.

For additional information contact us via [email protected]

All classes are in English.
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