Agile Eastern Europe Conference: Season 8 @ Киев, Kyiv [с 7 по 8 апреля]

Agile Eastern Europe Conference: Season 8

7 - 8
09:00 - 19:00

To be, rather than to seem

This year we overlooked a milestone — the 10-Year Anniversary of Agile community in Ukraine! The last decade has been rich for us in deep learning and knowledge acquisition, increased awareness and gaining new experience, transforming how we work and shifting focus of agile changes between different organizational levels. A lot of efforts, but much more needs to be paid.

We have to admit that a real breakthrough is possible only if we rethink who we are and assess where we are now.

★ From following rules to understanding their essence
★ From glamor of certifications to putting knowledge into every-day practice
★ From mission statements to measurable goals and inclusive culture
★ From trendy frameworks to value based solutions
★ From using tools to mastering skills
★ From “doing” to “being” Agile

Let’s make this shift together with fearless honesty and joyful efforts. Toward being true Agile, not only doing some Agile, we are running our Season 8 Agile Eastern Europe Conference.
Welcome aboard!
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