Firearms Competency @ Киев, Kyiv [4 марта]

Firearms Competency

09:00 - 20:00

Entry Level

— Responsible usage of a firearm
— Safe use and handling of a firearm
— Safely carry a rifle
— Demonstrate how to properly function check a rifle
— Components and operation of modern firearms
— Ready positions
— Basic shooting positions
— Shooting basics (proper grip, sight alignment, sight picture, stance, trigger control)
— Administrative loading and unloading of a firearm
— Malfunction clearance procedures
— Multiple target transitions
— Properly utilise cover
— Preventative maintenance (cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and safe storage)


Required Equipment:
Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning
Clothing suitable for training in any weather
Shooting gloves
Knee and elbow pads

Applicants advised to wear long pants with pockets and belt, closed toe shoes (no flip flops or sandals), and a crew neck (T-shirt) or button-up shirt (no low-cut neck lines)
Tuition includes free loan of firearms, safety glasses and hearing protection, accommodation, transfer from/to airport, 3 meals
Airport pickup one day before training at evening time.
Airport drop off next day morning after training.

Total rounds count: 105 (9mm NATO, 7.62 NATO, 7.62x39, 5.56 NATO)
Ammunition is included in the cost of this course.

Price: 300EUR
Registration close date: 28 February

40EUR discount for those who book their place until 20 February

For those who want to follow Trauma module in the same day there is an additional +50EUR fee and 3 to 4 hours of training (both theoretical and practical).

Trauma module topics:
— Introduction to TCCC protocol
— Different phases of care (CUF, TFC, TEC)
— MARCH algorithm
— Effectively stopping massive bleeding
— Gunshot wound characteristics and treatment
— Hemostatic Agents (Combat Gauze, Celox)
— Use of Tourniquets (SOFT-T, Esmarch, CAT, Improvised)
— Airway Management
— Chest Seals
— IFAK development
— 9line TACEVAC
— Demonstration and skills practice

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