Samurai Game\ Embodied learning/Самурайская игра® @ Киев, Kyiv [с 15 по 17 декабря]

Samurai Game\ Embodied learning/Самурайская игра®

15 - 17
17:00 - 14:00

The Samurai Game®
Samurai Game® Productions, Corporate Team Building, Leadership & Management Training
by Lawrence John Warry

Event language: english and russian
Язык мероприятия: английский и русский

Самурайская игра® включена в программу MBA при Университете Сан-Франциско и Институте Вест-Пойнт (США). Многие мировые корпорации (ALCATEL USA, Verizon Wireless, Federal ReServe Bank и др.), а так же ООН и американская армия обучали свой менеджмент на Самурайской игре.

Lawrence Warry is the first officially certified Samurai Game® facilitator established in The Netherlands. Since March 2013, Lawrence has been offering public and corporate Samurai Game® workshops.

“I had a lengthy background as a martial arts instructor (namely, the martial art of Aikido, in which I am a 4th dan instructor) before I met worldwide Samurai Game® facilitator coordinator, Lance Giroux in 2009. When Lance visited The Netherlands the next year and told me about his work, I became enthused and knew this was where my path is taking me. Without hesitation, I signed up for faciliator training and, after a three year programme of training and experiencing the game at different worldwide events, I stood up and facilitated my first workshop in March 2013. Since then I’ve run several workshops, each one very different to the other, with huge learning and leaving profound impressions on me and the participants. There is so much potential for the Samurai Game® to have a positive impact on our society today. I’m looking forward to meet new groups of people and guide them in The Samurai Game® for many years to come!”

Тренинг моделирует эпичную самурайскую битву. Поделившись на две армии участники вступают в сражения друг с другом. В процессе нескольких видов состязаний и командных миссий участники выявляют свои доминирующие стратегии и тактики, закалку духа и воли.

Предварительная регистрация обязательна. Количество участников регламентировано условиями игры.
Оргвзнос при оплате до 20 марта (ранние птички) — эквивалент 120 евро, до 1 апреля 150 евро, до 1 мая 170, при оплате на месте 180 евро
Есть скидки для групп и студентов института БиоСофт.

The Samurai Game® is a facilitated workshop which can be produced in a business or public environment created and copyrighted by George Leonard in 1977. The workshop brings a group of people together in a new world (the world of the ancient feuding samurai) wherein the group divides into two armies and does battle until one army is clearly defeated. At that point, there are some dramatic decisions to be made by the leaders of the armies! Battles of the Samurai Game® are non-violent and and involve challenges in balance, skill and sometimes aesthetic prowess. When the war is over, participants step back in to the 21st century and evaluate their realizations and an opportunity for sharing/feedback about their realizations is provided.

The Samurai Game® Benefits

I feel I’m at a crossroads in my life and I need guidance in order to decide my best next step.
I need to identify my strengths and build on them.
I need to identify my fears & insecurities, face them and transform them into confidence.
I’d like to improve on leading: a team / my family / my own life.
I’d need to reveal my leadership potential and use it.
I’m interested in being more assertive: I will learn how to achieve full respect and consideration from others.
I’d like to learn how to negotiate both my tasks and my rewards, in order to be content with my work and my employer.
I need to learn how to express better my boundaries to others.
I’d like to be more active in meetings, not only for my personal gain, but for the benefit of the team.
I’d like to learn how to open up to others, while becoming more reliable listener as well.
I need to understand my behavioral responses to various triggers that cause me to be emotionally reactive.
I need to understand what’s happening to me: physically / mentally / emotionally when I’m being confronted.
I need to understand and accept other points of view that will open new perspectives over my own purpose in life.
I need to be able to realize, when I’m emotionally triggered, and return to HERE and NOW.
I want to wake up refreshed, body & mind, every single morning.
I need to learn time management and how to handle the daily chores, keeping family, work and personal happiness in a stable balance.
I’d like to be able to face critical & risky situations with calm, pragmatism and efficiency.
I’d like to define my / a new – purpose in life and learn how to focus on it, ignoring whatever is not serving me well.
I’d like to clarify what is important in my life and learn how to take decisions accordingly.

Ассистируют Julia Morozova, Oksana Belova-Orlovskaya
Оргвзнос при оплате до 1 сентября (первых 10 участников) — эквивалент 120 евро, до 1 октября 150 евро, до 1 ноября 180, далее и при оплате на месте 200 евро
Предварительная регистрация обязательна. Количество участников регламентировано условиями игры.

Место проведения -г.Киев. Явки и пароли-зарегистрированным участникам.
Больше информации по тел. 0984400815
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