Fantastic Western Ukraine tour August 2017 @ JC Travel Ukraine, Kyiv [с 18 по 27 августа]

Fantastic Western Ukraine tour August 2017

18 - 27
08:00 - 22:00

 Страница мероприятия
JC Travel Ukraine
Sportyvna Square, 1A, Киев, 01023
Celebrate the Day of Ukraine Independence with us!

This remarkable adventure “Fantastic Western Ukraine 2017″ tour by minivan, combined with its history importance and natural beauty, will let you savor the Western Ukraine that is a hidden treasure!

Driving through the country and sightseeing on the way is the best way to see more sides of Ukraine from locals’ perspective – not only the most important sights but also unique and hidden, “undiscovered” breathtaking spots such as cozy villages in the Carpathians, real European city of Chernivtsi which has deep Romanian influence.
You will find out more about American long mile or Kyiv Broad Way and will appear in the peace of Paris in Kyiv. You’ll have pleasant activity in the Carpathians, will try very well known and famous Ukrainian dishes and enjoy delicious coffee in smashing cafes in Lviv!

Western Ukraine will surprise you in so many ways: the people are incredibly friendly, architecture is colorful and majestic, castles are spectacular! We will show you not only old churches, awesome squares, amazing landscapes, brilliant buildings… You will explore the country like locals do! And that is what makes it so memorable!

Let’s Enjoy Ukraine together as locals do!


— July 07 — July 16, 2017
— August 18 — August 27, 2017

Itinerary: Kyiv — Chornobyl — Kamyanets-Podilskyi — Khotin — Chernivtsi — Carpathians- Lviv

Group size is up to 6 people.
Cost: $2285 twin room share.

Detailed itinerary is here:

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Email: [email protected]

Enjoy Ukraine As Locals Do!
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