Managing Organizational Change for Success @ European Business Association, Kyiv [15 сентября]

Managing Organizational Change for Success

10:00 - 14:00

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European Business Association
1A Andriyivskyi Uzviz, Киев, 04070
EBA Management Development Centre together with CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield invite you to join the Training: Managing Organizational Change for Success: From Resistance to Persistence!

Change is an integral part of everyday organizational life yet, during times of uncertainty, the need to change quickly and effectively becomes even more paramount especially given the uncertainty of the market and the nature of competitive forces. What experience has taught us is that one of the biggest, and most critical, obstacles to change are organizations and people themselves. This workshop will focus on the people side of change with a view towards breaking through resistance and leading towards persistence of change. Participants will leave with a deeper:

— Appreciation of change processes which serve as a guide towards current and future change developments and,
— Understanding of how to support workforce change through people based, and context specific, implementation of behaviors and tools.

— Active learning
— Case studies
— Audio-visualon
— Group analysis
— Qualitative discussion and presentation

— What is organizational change and how do organizations change?
— Types of organizational change
— Understanding why people resist change
— The role of people support during the change process
— Developing a personalized support process

Leslie T. Szamosi, Dr. MBA Academic Doctor, Executive MBA of the University of Sheffield (UK).

Event language is ENGLISH.

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[email protected], +38 (044) 496 06 01.
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