PMD Pre-MBA @ European Business Association, Kyiv [с 31 марта по 27 октября]


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09:00 - 18:15

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European Business Association
1A Andriyivskyi Uzviz, Киев, 04070
EBA Management Development Centre jointly with partners launches the second season of a brand new ambitious project PMD Pre-MBA 2018. It is a unique English speaking programme which is entirely covered by English speaking professionals, experts, professors and MBA holders.

If you want to see the prospects of intensive career development, improve your effectiveness as a manager, acquire new competencies and organize your own experience, it is exactly for you.

The goal of the programme is to equip you with skills and knowledge which are required for meeting company's strategic objectives, understanding business as an integral system in the interrelationship of organizational, financial, marketing decisions aimed at increasing business competitiveness.

During the modules you will:

— Understand modern business environment's strategic objectives.
— Obtain the strategic vision of possible directions of your company and company departments’ development.
— Evaluate the impact of operational, marketing, financial decisions on company performance as a whole.
— Improve your qualification to deal with functional managerial issues.
— Communicate with owners and top management in the same language — the language of meeting company's strategic objectives.

Target Audience: heads of departments/divisions within big companies, senior and top managers of companies, the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises who are responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of business operation as a whole.


Module 1. — Human Resource management – March 31
Module 2. — Authentic Leadership – April 22
Module 3. — Role of Marketing Communications Strategies in an Ultra-competitive Marketplace – May 20
Module 4. — Neuro-management Change & Innovation – June 30
Module 5. — Strategic and Operational Management – September 22
Module 6. — Finance Build on Trust – October 27

Bonus: 2 scholarships for MBA programme from Sheffield University with 50% discount for the best performers.


— Leslie T. Szamosi – Dr, MBA Academic Director, The University of Sheffield International Faculty (UK)
— Chris Liassides – Academic Director of Postgraduate Studies, Senior Lecturer, The University of Sheffield International Faculty (UK)
— Nikos Lambridis – Head MBA student Coach for Career and Professional Development, The University of Sheffield International Faculty (UK)
— Alexandros Psichogios – Professor of International HRM, Birmingham City Business School (UK)
— Chris Dressler – CEO of CoreValue, Founder of Dressler Consulting LLC (US, NYC)
— Ivo van Wingerden – CFO of Japan Tobacco International Ukraine

Event Partners: CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, Japan Tobacco International, Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv, Repriza

Details of the programme and more information about the lecturers can be found here:

Should you be interested in participation, please, fill in the application form:

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To specify obligatory conditions and requirements concerning participation contact Marianna Khomitska, Management Development Centre Team Leader: [email protected]
or +38 (044) 496 06 01, +38 067 218 2719.
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