False Simplicity of Front-End Applications: Our Experience @ Grammarly Kyiv, Kyiv [13 февраля]

False Simplicity of Front-End Applications: Our Experience

19:00 - 21:00

 Страница мероприятия
Grammarly Kyiv
Sportyvna Square, 1a, Киев, 01023
► Topic: False Simplicity of Front-End Applications: Our Experience
► Speakers: Yaroslav Voloshchuk and Oleksii Levzhynskyi, Software Engineers at Grammarly
►Who will be interested: Front-end engineers with solid technical expertise
► Where: Grammarly Office, Gulliver Business Center, Tower B, floor 14, 1a Sportyvna Square, Kyiv
► When: Tuesday, February 13th, 7 PM
► Language: Russian
► Registration: gram.ly/HQHB
Please note that we will pre-moderate the list of participants. Due to a limited number of seats, we'll have to give preference to specialists whose area of expertise or interest is more relevant to the meetup topic. Please, wait for a confirmation email from our side.

«A front-end project’s complexity is often underestimated, which leads to shallow and thus incorrect implementation. Attempts to fix the bad implementation result in uncontrolled complexity growth and undefined behavior in corner cases. We’ll discuss ways we build stable high-loaded front-end applications with complex async actions for millions of daily users.»
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