American Lit Club: Keith Scribner @ America House Kyiv, Kyiv [17 марта]

American Lit Club: Keith Scribner

16:00 - 17:30

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America House Kyiv
Миколи Пимоненка, 6, Киев, 01001
Special event! We have a live human author coming to read his work at our little club! Yes, for our 11th session, American novelist Keith Scribner will be joining us and reading from his novel ‘The Oregon Experiment’, which details the journey of an east coast couple who relocate to small-town life in Oregon, with its attendant pleasures and complications. Keith, who also teaches writing in the MFA program at Oregon State University, will follow-up his reading with a Q&A. So join us for our first author visit to discuss Keith’s work and more!

Here are the excerpts from Keith’s novel that he will be reading with us; and a video link of him describing the book:

You can read Keith's work here —

Remember to bring your passport or driver's license.
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