Product Camp by ProductTank Kyiv @ UNIT.City, Киев [23 мая]

Product Camp by ProductTank Kyiv

10:00 - 16:00

 Страница мероприятия
Dorogozhytska, 1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04119
• What is Product Camp by ProductTank Kyiv?
The biggest one-day event for product people by product people in Ukraine!
• Who will be interested in this event?
Product managers and product people, who spend all day building great products and driven by the passion of great companies and teams.
• What will we talk about?
A roadmap of mistakes: 1000+ things we did not know a year ago.
There will be only one successful hypothesis among the thousands. We make hundreds of tests just to know the new blind spot. The experience of mistakes very often is more valuable, than the experience of success in terms of business development. Let’s share our knowledge and insights in order to face only those mistakes, that are ...unique :)
• Speakers
Petcube, MacPaw, EVO Company, Genesis, Competera, WIX, Lun, Depositphotos, Livingston Research and a lot of other great Ukrainian and not only Ukrainian product companies!
Our mission is to contribute to the boost and scale of Ukrainian product companies. And we prepare a lot of surprises ;)
• It is important that this time we are selling tickets for the event, to make it great, funny and as much useful, as it possible. So please do not forget to acquire the ticket!
Tickets are available:
Keep for updates!
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