Debates on Europe - British Parliamentary Style @ HUB 4.0, Киев [16 июня]

Debates on Europe - British Parliamentary Style

10:00 - 14:30

 Страница мероприятия
HUB 4.0
пер. Ярославский 1/3, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071
For all those interested in the EU and European integration:
sharpen your debating skills with us!

We are delighted to open registration for our “Debates on Europe’ that will be convened on 16 June 2018, from 10:00 to 14:30, at Hub 4.0 in Kyiv (1/3 Yaroslavskyy lane, nearby Kontraktova metro station).

The event will start with the opening remarks by H.E. Gert Antsu, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to Ukraine, and Mr David Stulik, Press Officer of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

The debates to be conducted in the British parliamentary style, which is a competitive form of academic debate involving two sides representing «the government» and «the opposition». In an intensive listen-and-react mode, you will have a great chance to improve your analytical and persuasion skills, eloquence, to practice English and demonstrate your knowledge of the topical EU-related concerns. The pool of tentative topics, as well as the debate rules, will be sent to the registered participants well in advance of the tournament. 8 teams will compete in the first selection round of the debates, which will be followed by a final round with 4 teams. At the end of the tournament, judges will select the best team and a top-speaker who will be awarded special prizes entailing mental pleasure!

In order to participate in the debate tournament, you need to find a teammate first – to form a team of 2 persons – and to register your team following this online form:

The deadline for registration is 3 June 2018.

You need to hurry up with the registration as your participation will be determined on the first come – first served basis. In total, 8 teams will be invited to the tournament. Once selected, you will receive a confirmation of your participation together with the agenda by June, 10. You are welcome to bring a support group with you!

To attend the event as a guest/ supporter/ for media coverage, please fill in this form:

This event is organised by the College of Europe Alumni Association – Regional Group in Ukraine under the project «Information Support to Youth and EU Networks in Ukraine», funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine.

Should you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail [email protected], Tetiana Semiletko.

Stay plugged in,
the team of the College of Europe Alumni Association – Regional Group in Ukraine
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