Computer VISIONers Conference @ DAN.IT education, Киев [6 октября]

Computer VISIONers Conference

09:00 - 21:00

 Страница мероприятия
DAN.IT education
пр-т Павла Тычины, 1в, офис А, 6 этаж, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02152
Computer VISIONers Conference is a hardcore conference for true computer vision engineers organizes by AI Booster!
The place where you discover newest trends, tools, and best practices from leading experts in the field. Accelerate your data science knowledge!

Join us, on October 6, to be at the center of computer vision community, to share experience and knowledge, learn about new products and chat with professionals. Afterparty with beer and good people are also waiting for you!

Push your skills and acquire the new knowledge you can on workshops! For the workshop, you only need to bring your laptop.

We want to surprise you, so the full agenda coming soon! Stay tuned!

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