Single-cell RNA BIO @ UNIT.City, Киев [с 28 по 30 сентября]

Single-cell RNA BIO

28 - 30
10:30 - 19:00

 Страница мероприятия
Dorogozhytska, 3, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04119
Single-cell RNA sequencing is a breakthrough technology enabling transcriptomic and even multi-omics research at the single-cell resolution. It has great potential for understanding cellular heterogeneity, dynamics, and gene regulation, opening new horizons for biomedical applications. The complementary technology is developing human organoids, the next-level model system for translational medicine. Organoids grown of human cells in vitro are used to understand biology of self-organization as well as mechanisms of diseases, and provide new systems for drug discovery and testing.

single-cell RNABIO meeting & workshop is the first event in Kyiv aimed to bring these technologies and way of thinking to Ukraine by inviting perfect speakers who develop technologies, use them to make discoveries, and transfer front-edge knowledge from bench to clinics.

single-cell RNABIO is an initiative of group of researchers involved in Integrative Biology & Medicine and Fabricator / FabLab, being supported by UNIT.City, BioLabTech, Ltd, Bienta / Enamine Ltd. and others. More about us and our partners you can find here:

The meeting will consist of two major parts:
> September 28, 2018 — Talks day.

Confirmed speakers are:
— Alex Shcheglovitov, The University of Utah, USA
Using #iPSC-derived cortical #organoids for modeling early aspects of human cortical development
— William Stephenson, New York Genome Center, USA
Single-cell multi-omics using open #microfluidic instrumentation
— Mireya Plass, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology | Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin, Germany
Cell type atlas and lineage tree of a whole complex animal by single-cell transcriptomics
— Luciano Martelotto, The University of Melbourne, Australia
— Felipe Vilella, Igenomix Foundation, INCLIVA Health Research Institute, Spain
Single cell #RNAseq provides a molecular and cellular cartography of changes to the human #endometrium through the menstrual cycle

Other speakers will be announced soon. You can find all updated information about speakers here:

The single-cell RNABIO meeting will take place in innovative atmosphere of UNIT.City.

Language: English

The participation is for free but the number of places is limited. Please register by the link before Aug 15:

Please be aware that the registration is your application and you will be notified after deadline if you are in. If you are interested to participate in a workshop please be sure to fill out the corresponding application (see below).

> September 29-30, 2018 — Workshop on #miniDrops
will be devoted to building open-source, low-cost #microfluidics device for single-cell biology – miniDrops. The workshop will be taught by its creator — Dr. William Stephenson from the New York Genome Center, USA.

The workshop is powered and hosted by Fabricator / FabLab. We will build the device for library prep for single-cell RNA sequencing using #3D #printing of custom parts, getting together Raspberry Pi controller, and other parts into working device — miniDrops. You can read more here:

Language: English

The number of participants is extremely limited. If you are highly interested to participate in the workshop, please apply and answer questions carefully and honestly because selection of participants will be based on application:

Have any questions? Please address them by email to Nika and Alina: nika.biph[at] and fshodan[at]

More speakers and a new workshop will be announced soon — stay in touch!
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