Lecture «What You Should Know To Be A Software Engineer» @ Projector, Киев [24 июля]

Lecture «What You Should Know To Be A Software Engineer»

19:30 - 21:00

 Страница мероприятия
ул. Воздвиженская, 34а, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071
Mischa Spiegelmock — professional software engineer from San Francisco. Open source contributor.

Mischa will provide a grand overview of important topics and expectations for anyone looking to get into the field of professional software engineering or interested in improving their skills. This lecture won't tell you everything you need to know, but you will learn what you need to know and what is important and expected to know to be a competent software engineer as well as be prepared for a job in the industry.

What will you know after lecture:

— Technical topics;
— Skills;
— Human interaction;
— Community;
— Learning.

There will be an overview of topics from cryptography to project planning to databases and much more. No prior knowledge is needed, people of all backgrounds are welcome to attend.

Level: beginner.

Language: English.

July, 24, 19:30

Projector, Vozdvizhenskaya, 34A

Registration: https://prjctr.com.ua/events/what-you-should-know-to-be-a-software-engineer.html
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